Madhyamik Mathematics MCQ & Short Questions Online Mock Test

These questions are not the suggestion for Madhyamik Exam, these are only for practice purpose. Remember, more you practice better you score on the examination. On Madhyamik 2018 Mathematics Exam, total marks will be 90 and out of which 16 marks will come from MCQ, Fill in the blanks and True-False type questions.

Here, we provided 20 MCQ type questions on the Online Mock Test. Answer the questions and increase your confidence for Madhyamik Math Exam.

Madhyamik Mathematics MCQ Mock Test

Practice Online Mock Test for Madhyamik Exam. MCQ Questions from all the chapters Section. Important MCQ Question for West Bengal Madhyamik all Subject.

If you have any query or advice, post it in the below comment box. We will definitely try to help you at our best. Share this online free mock test with your friends, to help them a better preparation for the Madhyamik Examination.

9 thoughts on “Madhyamik Mathematics MCQ & Short Questions Online Mock Test”

  1. As the questions are shuffeling it makes me to inform you that the question where the diagonal of a cube is given 5√2cm how its volume can be of 125cc?

    As diagonal=a√3(a means each side of the cube)

  2. একটি পরিসংখ্যা বিভাজন শ্রেণি গুলি 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50 হলে প্রতি শ্রেণীর দৈর্ঘ্য–
    10.5-0.5=10 how can it be of 9?????????


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